Sunday, May 16, 2010

Loose in the Cage

Well it's no secret that I am not in fighting shape at the moment. I have been working out semi-regularly with mixed results since high school. I figured that it was time to start doing something about it. I know that you have probably seen the infomercials too, but P90X intrigued me. Now is this the secret recipe for weight loss and better shape that we've all been waiting for, probably not. When it comes to fitness, there are lots of roads to get where you want to go. The key is to keep driving. As of now, I am just starting my fourth week. Now I am not ripped to shreds yet, but I can slowly see changes starting. So far I like the variety and basicness of the exercises. The biggest thing I am getting is a humble attitude. Sometimes I can almost keep up with the people in the video, then theres other times, when I think what they are doing is CGI. Either way, I am going to write some more updates over the next 8-9 weeks about my progress. As of now, I am planning on doing another round right after this one is over. For now I will keep pressing play.

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